QWhat is a hosted desktop / server?

A hosted desktop / server is an untethered virtual work space that provides employees with access to all of their applications, files and data from VDI Networks’ private cloud on nearly any internet enabled ‘smart’ device. Each individual is provided with dedicated CPU and memory allowing them to work exactly as they would with a traditional laptop or desktop, often with improved performance.

QWhy should I use the VDI Networks hosted solutions?

VDI Networks hosted desktop and server solutions allow businesses to benefit from:
• Dramatically improved employee productivity and mobility with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies
• Centralized administration allowing for the quick upgrading of applications across the network
• Minimized PC / laptop repair time and expense
• Extended life of desktop infrastructure, workstations, and laptops
• Improved data security: your data never needs to leave the data center
• Eliminated the need for additional staffing/support costs
• Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

QWhere can I access my hosted desktop / server?

Anywhere that you have internet connectivity including cable modem and 3G/4G wireless connections – from home, from the coffee shop, from the airport, from the office, etc.

QHow do I access my hosted desktop /server?

You can access your desktop from netbooks, ultra-books, iPads and Android tablets and from any computer running Windows XP or greater, Linux, Macs, or from low-cost, dedicated thin client devices.

QWhat’s included with hosted desktop / server?

Our hosted desktops and servers include a full Windows 64 bit desktop experience with dedicated CPU and memory for each user. This allows our IT professionals to centrally manage virtual desktops for better administrative control and security.

QWhat applications can I use on my desktop / server? What about my line of business applications (CRM, File Storage, Accounting Systems, etc.) that reside on servers in the data center?

VDI Networks hosted desktop / server solutions support BYOL (Bring-Your-Own-Licensing) and Open-source licensing such as Open Office. VDI Networks can also provide Microsoft Office applications. VDI Networks fully supports the hosting of line of business applications within our Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure. The hosted desktop allows the same type of flexibility you already enjoy on your physical desktops.

QWho manages my applications and desktop?

Our administrators are responsible for managing all aspects of the Active Directory, users’ permissions, policies and endpoint device support. VDI Networks manages Virtual Desktop pools and licensing, stable and secure virtual infrastructure, network, and consumable resources (CPU, RAM, Disk). We will do the updates and management of all the applications. You are responsible for training your employees on how these applications are used and the content produced by these applications.

QHow do I know if I am a good candidate for a VDI Networks hosted desktop/server solution?

Our solutions benefit any organization that…
• Wants to extend the life of older PCs / laptops and reduce frequent PC replacement
• Have between 1 and 1000+ employees
• Wants to increase data security
• Employs teleworkers and / or a mobile workforce
• Requires timely access to resources, data and information regardless of location
• Wants to reduce the overall costs of supporting their desktop infrastructure and software
• Has limited IT resources and needs to achieve peak efficiency
• Wants to work with a team that is here to build solutions to fit your organization’s needs