VDI Networks and GoldMine Partnership

VDI Networks is proud to be the exclusive GoldMine partner in Canada. As a leading customer relationship management system, GoldMine Cloud centralizes all your most important data in one place. Through a single computer interface, you can access, create, and edit information about everyone in your company, contacts, and customers in real time.

GoldMine partner VDI Networks is the exclusive provider of GoldMine’s Canadian cloud hosting solutions. This is ideal for companies that require Canadian data centers and servers. GoldMine Cloud can be used through VDI’s hosted desktop solutions.

What is GoldMine Cloud?

GoldMine Cloud helps you manage your relationships with customers and contacts within your business to better understand what your customer wants. It can help with any department – Sales, Marketing, HR, Customer Service, Finances, and even the Operations team.

It’s fully customizable to fit your business processes and needs, offering a variety of benefits over other CRM systems. It tracks your ROI to calculate real business benefits and help you with resource allocation and budgeting.

GoldMine CRM Canada through its partnership with VDI Networks provides this state-of-the-art technology to companies in Canada through VDI’s desktop hosting solutions.

Benefits of GoldMine Cloud CRM

There are a variety of benefits to working with a GoldMine partner as part of VDI’s fully hosted desktop solutions:

  • Universal search – find any information in any category with ease
  • 24/7 customer support and access to a community of users and documentation
  • All the modules and features you need without the extra cost
  • Add-ons like Office 365, Quickbooks, and other software
  • Network access from any major browser
  • One login from one provider
  • Regular backup and retention
  • Secure and fast cloud storage

A Canadian Solution

As the exclusive Canadian partner of GoldMine, VDI Networks is proud to provide this software as part of our fully hosted desktop solutions. Companies requiring Canadian data centres and servers for security and compliance can rely on VDI Networks to provide this secure solution.

  • Pricing is in CAD so you know exactly how much you are paying
  • Receive true monthly billing, not a year in advance
  • Enterprise class hosting and security
  • Unlimited server storage
  • Local Canadian data servers
  • Both subscription and ‘Bring Your Own License’ hosting options available

Through VDI Networks, you will receive GoldMine’s unique Desktop-as-a-Service to run your entire desktop in one subscription. It includes Office applications, mobile access, and special pricing for single users. All of this is powered exclusively by VDI Networks in Canada.

Contact us for more information about how you can benefit from VDI’s partnership with GoldMine in Canada.